Self-Defense for Groups

All group self-defense seminars are customized and tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Self-Defense for Bouncers

The self-defense course for bouncers and doormen is focused on joint manipulation (without breaking) and compliance techniques. Raise your level of professionalism by demonstrating to your employer that you can handle situations without reverting to fighting.

Self-Defense for College Students

The self-defense for college students course is designed to give your young adults the skill-set they need before embarking on their venture in life. Make sure your kids stay safe, sign them up before they're off to college.

Self-Defense for Colleges & Universities

The self-defense for colleges and universities approach focuses on get-away tactics, tools, and fighting techniques. Students learn how to eye gouge, yell timely, and how to use a well place bite (plus a dozen other tools).

Self-Defense for Corporations

The self-defense for corporations program is not a long commitment towards training but rather an overview of simple techniques that can get your employees home safely.

Self-Defense for Disabled People

The self-defense for disabled people program is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Depending on your limitation the program will focus on your strengths and how to exploit them, turning the tables on a would be attacker.

Self-Defense for Families

The self-defense for families focuses on putting a plan in place. Not only will you learn powerfully targeted techniques you will learn simple ways to stay safe while at home or traveling abroad.

Self-Defense for Lawyers

The self-defense for lawyers / attorneys program covers simple and effective techniques that can make size and strength irrelevant, especially if you must deal with violent clientele.

Self-Defense for LGBTQ

The self-defense for LGBTQ program is designed for those individuals who want the skill-set to defend themselves against anyone, anywhere, any time of day or night.

Self-Defense for Men

The self-defense for men program focuses on specific targets of the body in order to cause immediately and debilitating pain to an attacker. Since men are more likely to be victimized by a stranger vs. someone they know this type of training should be at the top of your list.

Self-Defense for Nurses

The self-defense for nurses and medical staff program focuses on simple restraint and compliance techniques. This course should be a top priority if you are in the medical field since 46% of all violent acts in the workplace were against RN's.

Self-Defense for Police Officers

The self-defense for police officers program is essential for those who want to take their safety to the next level. The need for unarmed close quarter ​self-defense skills has increased due to the high probability of having contact with a suspect, whether it was planned or incidental.

Self-Defense for Schools

The self-defense for schools focuses on easy to learn get-away strategies and a handful of powerfully targeted self-defense techniques that can get an 11 year old child away from a 250 lbs. attacker.

Self-Defense for Security Guards

The self-defense for security guards should be a top priority for those in the field. Since many individuals have had altercations and realize they needed better training.

Self-Defense for Teenagers

The self-defense for teenagers program focuses on specific techniques that work well for today's youth. In just about an hour your child will have the skills they need to stop any would be attacker.

Self-Defense for Women

The self-defense for women program is designed to give you the skill-set you need in a short period of time. You will learn how to use the most effective parts on your body as a weapon and how to stop an attacker in their tracks.

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