Self-Defense for Women

Self-Defense for Women

Self-Defense statistics don't always fill in the complete tapestry or reveal the real truth. It is said that roughly 20% of rapes are actually reported. This means that the supported facts around self-defense for women may be much worse than what statistics tell us. According to the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

* Women are more likely to be victimized by someone they know


* Most injuries suffered typically occur before a woman fights back


* Women who fight back gain more than 80% chance of avoiding rape and incurring additional injury


* Women who use weapons for self-defense such as knives or firearms were raped less than 1% of the time (Kleck and Sayles "Rape and Resistance" study, 1990)


In today's society, there seems to be an ever-increasing amount of incidents involving abuse, sexual assault, stalking and violence against women. Human predators are similar to those of the animal kingdom. What is the best self-defense when they select their targets based on the perception of vulnerability?

Many times it is simply taking a self-defense class or reading a book on prevention techniques. Investing a little time to learn about self-prevention, avoidance, escape/evasion, and non-lethal techniques makes sense if you read today's headlines.