Self-Defense for Teenagers

Self-Defense forTeenagers

Enrolling your teenager into a self-defense class is a terrific idea. A top self-defense expert will research the most up to date statistics surrounding violence against teens, females, males, and other groups. Unfortunately, nearly 3/4 of violent crimes against teenagers go unreported. Coupled with that statistic is the approximation of roughly 20% of rapes being reported. Knowing this alone makes the real numbers much scarier in scope:

* 1 in 4 girls in middle school today will be sexually assaulted or date raped by the time they finish college


* 44% of sexual assault and rape victims are under the age of 18


* 91% of kidnapped victims are dead within 24 hours


* 86% of sexual predators chose their victims based on opportunity, not physical characteristics.

Most teenagers enjoy taking self-defense classes especially when their parents participate with them. Both parents and teens learn a new skillset together and have an easier time discussing awareness, avoidance and personal safety as a result.