Self-Defense for Schools

Self-Defense for Schools

Crime on school campuses is a primary concern of any learning institution. From local high schools to prestigious universities, no one place is immune to violence.


Many high schools are now requesting the Just Yell Fire self-defense seminar for their students. The program focuses on empowerment, knowing your rights, teen self-defense techniques, safety awareness, and safe dating.

Teenagers learn self-defense and awareness best when presented with information in a combination of media and methods. Your students will benefit from learning 10 age-appropriate self-defense getaway tools where a 100-pound girl can escape from a 250-pound attacker. Knowing a handful of simple self-defense techniques can give these kids the extra few seconds they need to get away so they can make it home safe to their parents every night rather than becoming a statistic.

The Just Yell Fire program has been lauded by teachers, parents, and law enforcement across America.  It is currently used by schools, women's shelters and law enforcement on four continents.  Just Yell Fire teens are empowered to live safer and better lives; this seminar is what makes it happen.