Self-Defense for Police Officers

Self-Defense for Police Officers

As a law enforcement officer self-defense training is essential. The need for armed and especially unarmed close-quarter self-defense skills has increased due to the high probability of having contact with a suspect, whether it was planned or incidental.

On the job, circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Whether you are faced with compliant, noncompliant or combative subjects you will need to dispense the appropriate amount of justifiable force. The self-defense for law enforcement program is a specifically designed force continuum system that will keep you safe if you are dealing with passive resistance, medium resistance or lethal force.

The training focuses on both individual and unit close quarter skills including:

Direct Action, Defensive Tactics, Fighting Skills, Defense Against Handgun Threats, Defense Against Long Gun Threats, Defense Against Knives and blunt weapons, Ground Fighting, Weapon Retention, Arm Controls, and Takedowns.

Being able to diffuse a hostile situation without discharging your firearm is always preferable. This is why, as a police officer, being proficient in a self-defense force continuum system that addresses passive/medium resistance and lethal force is imperative.