Self-Defense for LGBTQ

What is the difference between self-defense and self-defense for the LGBTQ community? Nothing. Learning to protect yourself from hate crimes, rape or any other type of violence can make the difference between becoming a statistic or making it home safe. Often overlooked by the media is the number of rapes that occur in the LGBTQ community, especially among males. Self-Defense statistics don't always fill in the complete tapestry or reveal the truth. It is said that roughly 20% of rapes are actually reported. This means that the supported facts around self-defense for LGBTQ men, women and teenagers may be much worse than what statistics tell us. Most LGBTQ community members have experienced prejudice prior to reaching adulthood. According to the Trevor Project website:

* 9 out of 10 LGBTQ students experienced harassment at school


* Almost all transgender students had been verbally harassed


* LGBTQ students are three times more likely to say they do not feel safe at school

Taking a self-defense class can increase your confidence and give you a skill-set that could be useful if you find yourself the unfortunate target of someone's hate.


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