Self-Defense for Lawyers

Self-Defense for Lawyers

The reason most attorneys begin a career in law is to help those individuals who may not have had their voice heard otherwise and others because it can be a lucrative career. Unfortunately, in today's society, many lawyers cite their increased fear of violence against them. Attorneys say threats, assaults, even killings are on the rise. With divorce and custody cases seen as the riskiest. It's not shocking when you turn on the daily news and see the increased violence in our day to day society why someone in this profession would be cautious. According to a study published in the Utah Bar Journal, written by Stephen Kelson, of the lawyers surveyed found that:


*  60% had been threatened by the opposing party


*  17% had been threatened by their own client


*  13% had been physically assaulted at least once

Having a solid personal self-defense foundation in place will alleviate many of the fears lawyers have about being targeted by clients or their opposition's clients.  Learning simple self-defense techniques can make a world of difference if you are ever faced with a violent individual due to the nature of your profession.