Self-Defense for Colleges

Self-Defense fo Colleges

Many colleges and high schools are now offering self-defense and empowerment programs to their students.  One, in particular, is the Just Yell Fire self-defense program. This self-defense approach focuses on get-away tactics, tools, and fighting techniques. Students learn how to eye gouge, yell timely, and how to use a well-placed bite (plus a dozen other tools).

Learning these simple self-defense techniques will win a potential victim the extra seconds they need to escape a dangerous situation. A college student can easily remember these instinctive responses to danger rather than attempting to master a set of complicated techniques taught in traditional self-defense programs.

Teaching students not to fight fair gives them the opportunity to escape violence rather than facing it head-on. The Just Yell Fire - Campus Life self-defense program has been lauded by teachers, parents, and law enforcement across America. It is currently used by schools, colleges, women's shelters and law enforcement on four continents. Just Yell Fire college students are empowered to live safer and better lives; this program is what makes it happen.