Self-Defense for College Students

Self-Defense fo College Students

College for most young adults is their first step towards real independence. They begin to experience the responsibility of taking care of themselves on a full-time basis. Preparing your soon to be or current college student with a self-defense at home/in the dorm program is simply being a responsible parent. The statistics are scary, especially when less than 1/4 of the crimes are actually reported to law enforcement. According to the Coalition Against Violence:

* 3/4 of college-age students believe that drink spiking or drugging is a real threat at college parties


* Only 10 percent of sexual assault as a by-product of date rape drugs is reported because the victim does not remember the attack

* 90% of all campus rapes occur when alcohol has been used by the assailant or the victim

College should be a growing and wonderful experience for your children. Empower them with the ability to protect themselves as they step into a world that is more cunning than what they may believe or have been brought up to know.  The majority of campus rapes occur in the first couple of months when school begins. You have an influx of new students who are unfamiliar with the campus and what dangers they should be looking out for. Signing your student up for a self-defense course is a wonderful idea and is highly recommended by teachers, law enforcement, and concerned parents.