Self-Defense for Bouncers

Why are people hired as bouncers or doormen? Usually, because their sheer size can be intimidating. This is often a good deterrent from fights breaking out or keeping other violence from escalating. Unfortunately, most bouncers don't take self-defense classes since they tend to rely on their size and strength to deal with the problem. Their limited knowledge of restraint and control techniques have led to many lawsuits.

To be at the top of your game as a bouncer or doorman it is imperative that you learn self-defense techniques that focus on joint manipulation (without breaking) and compliance. By simply learning how to move a human body through a door using tried and true self-defense methods and not using brute force you will avoid injury and the potential for lawsuits against you or your employer.

Bouncers and doormen should all learn a self-defense force continuum program. Not only will it improve your defensibility it'll improve your professionalism.