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101 Ways to Win a Fight (Basic to Bone Breaking) is not about flashy moves, the secrets to winning a mixed martial arts competition, or even how to improve one’s life through the mental and physical disciplines of martial art education. This book presents realistic self-preservation techniques designed to give the average person (male or female) the upper hand in any brutal attack situation. The awareness and avoidance strategies, dirty tricks, self-defense gadgets, handheld weapons, and fighting moves cataloged may be the tipping point, giving you enough time to make it home safe. 

Volume 1 
Victim to Victor (DVD)
ETGS Volume 1 - Trailer
Volume 2
Rapid Preservation Tactics (DVD)
ETGS Volume 2 - Trailer
Volume 3
Ground Defense Tactics (DVD)
ETGS Volume 3 - Trailer
Volumes 1,2,3

Volume 1 (Victim to Victor) - You will be learning a solid foundation of self-defense techniques that are simple and yet extremely effective. In less than an hour, you will have the tools to make size and strength irrelevant.


Volume 2 (Rapid Preservation Tactics) - You will be learning how to use the most effective parts of the body that aren't normally employed to defend yourself. You will learn how to use nerve destructions to defend against heavy punches and kicks, but most importantly how to take larger, stronger attacker out of commission in seconds.


Volume 3 (Ground Defense Tactics) - You will be learning the most effective techniques to avoid going to the ground plus the best methods of how to get a 250 lbs. man off of you in seconds. This video is what turns an experienced ground fighter into a pedestrian.

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60 Second (Trailer)